Top 211+ Exciting Hackathon Project Ideas You Must Try

Emmy Williamson

Hackathon Project Ideas

A hackathon is like a big tech competition where people who are good at coding come together to solve problems. 

These problems can be about making new software or fixing issues with computers and other devices. The event usually lasts for a couple of days, but sometimes it’s just one day of intense coding.

The main goal of a hackathon is to get lots of different ideas from the participants. 

The organizers might be looking for new inventions that they could turn into real products, or they might even be scouting for talented people to join their teams.

Below, we mentioned more than 211 exciting hackathon project ideas that you should try.

How To Pick The Best Hackathon Project Ideas

To start, think about problems in your community, country, or globally. Then, use technology to solve them. These questions will guide you in selecting the right project for the hackathon and increase your chances of winning:

  • How will our project help society?
  • Can our idea work in different places?
  • Do we have the right team for the project?
  • Will people worldwide use our final product, and can they eventually do the job without it?

Top 211+ Exciting Hackathon Project Ideas You Must Try In 2024

Explore over 211 cool project ideas for hackathons in 2024! We’ve sorted them by how hard they are and put them into categories to make it easy for you to pick. Whether you’re a beginner or want a tough task, you’ll find something that fits what you’re good at and what you like.

10 Beginner-Friendly Hackathon Project Ideas

  • Task Tracker Game: Keep track of your tasks, get reminders, and earn points when you finish them.
  • Easy Money Manager: Keep an eye on your money by seeing what you earn and spend, and organizing it into categories.
  • Study Card App: Make and exchange flashcards to help you learn easily.
  • Fun Quiz Game: Make a game where people can answer questions on different topics.
  • Website with Contact Form: Make a simple website where people can find your contact details and send you messages.
  • Simple Phone Game: Make a basic game like tic-tac-toe or a memory game that people can play on their phones.
  • One-Page Business Website: Design a website that promotes a product or service, all on one page.
  • Recipe Sharing Site: Let people share their recipes, ingredients, and cooking instructions.
  • Social Media App: Make a simple platform where people can post things and comment on each other’s posts.
  • Event Planner: Keep track of all the details for an event, manage who’s coming, and send reminders.

10 Intermediate Hackathon Project Ideas

  • Habit Tracker App: An app to keep track of your daily habits, set goals, and see how well you’re doing over time.
  • E-commerce Platform: A website where you can look at things to buy, put them in a virtual cart, and then buy them.
  • Social Networking Platform: A website where you can make a profile, connect with friends, and send messages to each other.
  • Real-time Chat Application: An app where you can talk to other people right away, like texting but faster.
  • Website with Content Management System (CMS): A website where it’s easy to change the words and pictures whenever you want.
  • Mobile Game with Simple Physics or Strategy Elements: A game you can play on your phone that’s a bit more complicated, like moving things around or planning things out.
  • Data Visualization Tool: A tool to help you understand information better by showing it in graphs and charts that you can play with.
  • Fitness App: An app to help you keep track of what you eat, plan workouts, and maybe connect to other devices like a fitness tracker.
  • Simple Music Player App with Audio Streaming Features: An app for listening to music that can play songs from the internet or your phone.
  • Online Learning Platform: A website where you can watch videos for learning, take tests, and see how well you’re doing.

10 Advanced Hackathon Project Ideas

  • Smart Talking Helper: Make a digital assistant that understands and talks back to you, even if you ask tricky questions.
  • Magic Information Overlay: Build an app that shows extra info when you point your phone at things, like telling you about plants or buildings.
  • Teamwork Hub: Make a place where people can work together on documents and projects at the same time, without waiting.
  • Picture and Talk Recognizer: Create a smart program that can figure out what’s in a picture or understand what someone is saying with good accuracy.
  • Safe Money Pocket: Develop an app to keep your digital money safe and organized.
  • Face Spotter: Build a system that recognizes faces, either for security reasons or just for fun filters on photos.
  • Language Wizard: Make a tool that can translate languages really well, so you can understand anyone.
  • Trend Tracker: Create a tool that looks at social media to see what’s popular and who’s hanging out with whom.
  • Super Robot: Design a robot that can pick up and move things around or find its way through tricky places.
  • Dreamy Reality Trip: Make a cool experience where you feel like you’re inside a story, learning something new, or practicing skills.

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20 Best Social Good Hackathon Project Ideas

  • Skill Swap Hub (connects people to share skills for free)
  • Study Buddy App (share textbooks and learning materials)
  • Volunteer Match-Up App (matches volunteers based on skills and interests)
  • Community Project Fund App (raises funds for local projects)
  • Truth Check App (detects fake news and checks facts)
  • Disaster Alert App (warns about natural disasters in real-time)
  • Farmers’ Help Center (provides resources for sustainable agriculture)
  • Clean Water Info Hub (shares info and advocates for clean water access)
  • Mental Health Buddy App (matches people to support mental health)
  • Hunger Relief Logistics Tool (optimizes global hunger relief supply chains)
  • Pet Adoption Match App (helps match pets with new owners)
  • Disaster Relief Donation Hub (coordinates donations during disasters)
  • Voter Info App (registers voters and provides election info)
  • Accessibility Hub (shares resources for accessibility)
  • Anti-Trafficking Awareness App (raises awareness about human trafficking)
  • Workplace Support App (reports and supports against harassment at work)
  • Money Smart App (educates underserved communities about finance)
  • Reform Aid App (supports prison reform and reentry)
  • Eco-Fashion Tracker (tracks sustainable fashion production and consumption)
  • Mental Health Peer Network (connects peers for mental health support)

Top 20 Business Hackathon Project Ideas

  • A tool that finds and sorts potential customers using AI.
  • A platform that quickly analyzes how customers feel about a company’s products or services.
  • A platform for training and welcoming new employees who work from a distance.
  • A tool that helps manage projects and makes tracking progress like a game.
  • Assistant that helps customers across different communication channels in a personalized way.
  • A platform that identifies and helps fix cybersecurity risks.
  • A tool that helps businesses manage their inventory by using data.
  • A platform that improves how products move from suppliers to customers.
  • An online marketplace where freelancers can show their skills and find jobs that match.
  • Tool for planning how a business can keep running during emergencies.
  • A tool that uses AI to study markets and how people behave when buying.
  • A platform for giving personalized feedback and managing performance.
  • A system that speeds up reviewing and approving contracts.
  • A platform for building relationships and having fun with remote teams.
  • A tool that helps small businesses plan their finances.
  • A platform for promoting content online with AI’s help.
  • An online store that suggests products based on what a customer likes.
  • Dashboard for quickly seeing important data about a business.
  • Tool that makes it easier to welcome new hires in HR.
  • Tool for keeping an eye on how well remote workers are doing and feeling.

20 Education Hackathon Project Ideas To Try Right Now

  • Learning Platform that adjusts to each student’s needs.
  • Virtual Reality History Lessons.
  • Online Tutoring with Video Calls between Peers.
  • Fun Learning Games for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
  • Helping you choose the best career path for you.
  • Learning in short, easy-to-digest pieces.
  • App to practice languages with people from around the world.
  • Tool to help students write better and avoid copying others’ work.
  • Coding Challenges in an interactive online course.
  • A platform for students to work together on projects.
  • Creating online courses to certify specific skills.
  • Connecting students and professionals for guidance.
  • Simulated Science Experiments you can interact with.
  • Learning about finances through fun scenarios.
  • Tool to give instant feedback on online classes.
  • Virtual Reality tool for schools to create museum exhibits.
  • Tailored learning paths for students with special needs.
  • An online platform where people from different cultures learn together.
  • Tool to analyze historical documents for education.
  • Online library with easy search and recommendations.

20 Entertainment Hackathon Project Ideas

  • Story Generator: A tool that makes stories for games where you choose what happens.
  • Music Platform: A website where people make music together in different styles.
  • City Exploration Game: A game where you find things in a city using your phone.
  • Movie Platform: A website where you watch movies and pick what happens next.
  • Music App: An app where you make music with friends.
  • Role-Playing Game: A game where you act out a story in real places.
  • Escape Room: A game where you solve puzzles in a virtual world.
  • Trivia Game: A quiz app where you can change the questions.
  • Party Game: A game with funny challenges and jokes.
  • Dance Competition: A website where people compete in dancing.
  • Cooking Competition: An app where people share recipes and cook together.
  • Digital Art Platform: A website where people draw together in real-time.
  • Movie Trailer Generator: A tool that makes movie trailers you can change.
  • Fitness App: An app that makes exercising like a game.
  • Podcast Platform: A website where people talk and listeners can join in.
  • Video Editing App: An app where you edit videos with friends.
  • Music Recommendation: A system that suggests songs based on how you feel.
  • Talent Show: A website where people perform and viewers vote.
  • Sports Simulator: A virtual coach for practicing sports.
  • Board Game Platform: A website where people make and play board games.

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20 Health and Wellness Hackathon Project Ideas

  • Customized Diet Planner App: An app that creates a personalized diet plan using AI.
  • Therapy App for Mental Health: An app that matches you with support groups and offers online therapy.
  • Better Sleep App: An app that tracks your sleep and gives tips to improve it.
  • Manage Chronic Diseases App: An app that helps manage chronic illnesses, reminding you to take medication and tracking your health data.
  • Stress Relief App: An app that detects and helps manage stress with relaxation exercises.
  • Interactive Fitness Mirror: A mirror that gives personalized workout plans and feedback.
  • Mental Health Chatbot: A chatbot that tracks your mood and provides resources for crises.
  • Skin Cancer Detection App: An app that uses AI to analyze images for signs of skin cancer.
  • Wearable Emergency Alert Device: A wearable device that detects falls and other emergencies early.
  • Mindfulness Meditation App: An app that provides personalized meditation and mindfulness training.
  • Recovery Support System: An AI-powered system that helps track progress in overcoming addiction.
  • Healthy Recipe Platform: A platform where users share healthy recipes and plan meals.
  • Remote Healthcare Platform: An online platform for monitoring patients and consulting remotely.
  • Air Quality Health App: An app that monitors air quality and assesses health risks.
  • Posture Improvement App: An app that helps improve posture, with integration for wearable devices.
  • Medication Safety App: An app that checks for medication interactions and reminds you of dosages.
  • Yoga and Pilates Corrector: An app that corrects your yoga and Pilates poses in real time.
  • Mental Health Awareness Platform: A platform for raising awareness about mental health and sharing resources.
  • Personalized Fitness Trainer App: An app that provides personalized fitness training with augmented reality coaching.
  • Community Fitness App: An app for walking and running, with features for planning routes and challenges.

20 Hackathon Project Ideas On Accessibility

  • A tool that writes down what people are saying in real-time at events.
  • A tool that describes pictures and adds words over them using computers.
  • A tool that checks websites to make sure they’re easy to use for everyone and helps make them better.
  • An app that turns sign language into text or speech.
  • An app that helps people learn Braille with fun activities.
  • A cane that helps people avoid obstacles and find their way around.
  • A device that helps control things in the home using just your voice for people who find moving difficult.
  • An app that shows directions using pictures for people who can’t see well.
  • An app that turns written words into sign language.
  • A tool that adds subtitles to videos and podcasts.
  • A platform that makes sure websites work well with screen readers.
  • A device that helps people hear better using computers.
  • A website that helps people with learning difficulties learn in fun ways.
  • A tool that makes it easier to use touchscreens for people who find moving hard.
  • A system that tells people about emergencies using speech and visuals.
  • An app that helps people with poor vision read menus using a phone.
  • An app that teaches sign language with videos.
  • An app that helps people with autism understand emotions.
  • A website that makes online shops easy to use for everyone, with voice search and reading support.
  • An app that adds a Braille keyboard to phones.

20 Hackathon Project Ideas On Environmental Sustainability

  • A system to help balance electricity use efficiently.
  • An app to manage and optimize compost bins to reduce household waste.
  • An app to monitor air quality in real time and reduce pollution.
  • An app to track sustainable clothing production and usage.
  • A platform to connect people with local sustainability projects.
  • An app that uses AI to reduce food waste in restaurants.
  • An app to track water usage and detect leaks in homes.
  • A platform to monitor deforestation and coordinate reforestation projects.
  • An app to recommend and compare eco-friendly products.
  • A platform to track carbon emissions and offset them.
  • A smart irrigation system that monitors soil moisture in real time.
  • Tools to optimize energy use in buildings and homes.
  • An app to plan eco-friendly travel options.
  • A campaign platform to reduce microplastic pollution.
  • A platform to invest in and crowdfund renewable energy projects.
  • An AI tool to design sustainable packaging.
  • A platform to share sustainable food recipes.
  • An educational app on climate change with practical steps.
  • Support for wildlife conservation projects and matching volunteers.
  • A smart home system to manage energy use efficiently.

Top 10 Hackathon Project Ideas By Technology Used (Mobile Apps)

  • City Guide App: Shows historical info and directions using cool AR graphics.
  • Language Translator App: Helps you talk with people who speak different languages.
  • Fitness Tracker App: Keeps tabs on your workouts and gives you tips.
  • Mental Health Journaling App: Helps you keep track of your feelings and gives you questions to think about.
  • Payment Platform App: Helps you pay for things and manage your money.
  • Food Recommendation App: Suggests restaurants or recipes you might like.
  • Science Data Collection App: This lets you help scientists by sending them data about the environment.
  • Learning Platform App: Makes learning fun with games and interactive lessons.
  • Event Ticketing App: Helps you plan and buy tickets for events.
  • Collaboration Tool for Teams: Helps teams work together, even if they’re far apart.

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10 Best Hackathon Project Ideas By Technology Used (Web Apps)

  • Virtual Classroom: Learn online with video calls and manage educational stuff.
  • Personalized Shopping Site: Get suggestions for things you might like based on what you’ve bought and looked at before.
  • Creative Project Funding: Help artists and inventors find people to support their ideas.
  • Business Data Dashboard: See how your company is doing right now with graphs and numbers.
  • Freelancer Job Site: Find work or hire someone securely online.
  • Appointment Booking Tool: Book appointments and get reminders automatically.
  • Software Collaboration Space: Work with others on making computer programs.
  • Easy Website Editor: Make and change websites easily without needing to know a lot about coding.
  • Interest-Based Social Network: Meet people who like the same things you do.
  • Online Discussion Forum: Talk to others and share what you know on different topics.

10 Hackathon Project Ideas On Data Science & Machine Learning

  • Stock Market Prediction Tool: Uses past data to guess what might happen in the future (but remember, it’s not advice about what to do with your money).
  • Customer Churn Prediction Tool: Spots customers who might leave and suggests ways to keep them.
  • Understanding Feelings in Texts Tool: Reads social media or reviews to figure out what people think.
  • Stopping Online Scams Tool: Finds dodgy stuff happening online and stops it to protect people’s money.
  • Recognizing Things in Pictures App: Can tell what’s in a picture, like in medical tests.
  • Automated Helper for Customer Questions: A computer that can chat with customers and help them out.
  • Suggesting Things to Buy based on What You Like: Look at what you’ve bought before and suggest similar things you might like.
  • Making Texts Shorter Tool: Takes long documents and makes them shorter while keeping the main points.
  • Keeping Machines Running Smoothly Tool: Checks machines to see if they might break soon and stops them from breaking down.
  • Guessing Traffic Jams and Finding Faster Ways: Looks at past traffic info to guess where there might be jams and suggests faster routes.

10 Hackathon Project Ideas On the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Home System with Voice Control and Automation: This system lets you control things like lights and thermostats from far away.
  • Health Tracker You Wear with Real-time Data Monitoring: Keep track of your heart rate, sleep, and other health info easily.
  • Irrigation System for Gardens with Soil Moisture Sensor: Makes sure your plants get just the right amount of water.
  • Car Diagnostic System that’s Connected and Shows Real-time Performance: See how your car’s doing and if there are any issues right away.
  • Asset Tracking for Industry with Location Monitoring: Keep tabs on where your equipment is and how it’s doing.
  • Waste Management System that’s Smart and Detects Fill-Level: Makes sure trash gets picked up on time and prevents overflowing bins.
  • Sensors for Air Quality in the Environment: Collect and study data about the air around you.
  • Agriculture System that’s Smart with Automated Crop Monitoring: Watches over your crops and helps you use resources wisely.
  • Fitness Equipment that’s Connected and Gives Personalized Workouts: Get workouts that are just right for you and see how you’re improving.
  • Building Management System that’s Smart and Saves Energy: Helps buildings use less energy without sacrificing comfort.

10 Hackathon Project Ideas On Blockchain

  • Voting System: Makes voting secure and transparent.
  • Supply Chain Tracking: Tracks products as they move through the supply chain.
  • Online Marketplace: Lets people buy and sell things directly, without middlemen.
  • Digital Identity Verification: This provides a safe way to prove who you are online.
  • Crowdfunding: Keeps track of investments and makes fundraising fair.
  • Data Sharing: Allows secure sharing of information with control over who can access it.
  • Voting Rights Management: Keeps track of who can vote in organizations.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Protects ownership of things like music and art.
  • Decentralized Organization Management: Helps groups make decisions together.
  • Food Supply Chain Tracking: Follows food from where it’s made to where it’s sold for safety and honesty.

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Wrap Up

This guide helps you make your hackathon experience amazing. In this blog, we have provided you with more than 211 project ideas sorted by difficulty and category. These ideas match different skill levels and interests. Good projects think about how they affect society if they can grow, work well in a team, and last a long time.

You can also find sections on topics you care about, like helping people or protecting the environment. There are even ideas that use new technologies like mobile apps or blockchain.

If you’re new to hackathons, don’t worry! The FAQs section answers all your questions. So, gather your team, be creative, and get ready to shine at your next hackathon!


What Is A Hackathon?

A hackathon is like a coding competition where people who aren’t necessarily professional programmers try to create a new computer program within a set timeframe. It’s usually a team effort, with at least one person who knows coding well. There’s often a specific goal or theme for the program they’re making. At the end of the event, judges decide which programs are the best and award prizes accordingly.

Can I Earn Money From A Hackathon?

Instead of getting paid, people join hackathons for prizes, enjoyment, and the chance to compete. The organizers provide food and drinks during the event.

Can Beginners Do Hackathons?

Hackathons are like treasure chests, especially for beginners. They’re places where you can learn new coding or design tricks by actually doing them. Plus, you can meet and connect with people who are into the same things as you, like mentors or even people who might want to hire you someday.

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